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How to Update Microsoft Office in 4 Quick Clicks



Updating your Microsoft Office is very important, and while you may rather click the ‘Remind Me Later’ box, it is not a wise thing to do. Software updates are critical for many reasons, but the main ones are to repair software loopholes that unscrupulous people may use to hack your machine, fix software bugs, or provide new features that you may find helpful.

The best way to ensure that your Microsoft Office is kept up to date is to have it updated every time your Windows updates are carried out. This will make it a painless exercise. To set this up, follow these few simple steps that will ensure your software is always kept current.

  1. Go to your Settings

    How to Update Microsoft Office

    Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, then click on the Settings.

  2. Select Update & Security

    How to Update Microsoft Office

    Once your Settings Menu comes up, look for the Update & Security icon and click.

  3. Select Advanced Options

    How to Update Microsoft Office

    The first screen that pops up is for your Windows Updates. To instruct the software to update your other Microsoft products, you must go to Advanced Options.

  4. Turn On to Receive Updates

    How to Update Microsoft Office

    If the slider for ‘Receive Updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows’ is turned off, click on the slider to turn it on. 

Always remain updated

These simple steps will ensure that your Microsoft products are always kept up to date. As we have said, it is not good practice to allow your software to fall behind as it can expose your computing environment to unnecessary risks.  

By using the options given by Microsoft, you need never think about the updates for your Microsoft products again. You will always be using the latest software.

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