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How to Renew Microsoft Office In 4 Steps



Do you want to keep your Microsoft Office programs up-to-date without having to worry about making new purchases and installations every time a new version is released? That is why Microsoft Office introduced Office 365, which is an annual subscription service. For as long as your subscription is active on your Windows or Mac computer, you will always have the latest version without paying more for it. 

This is useful when you use your office programs regularly. It is good to know how to renew your subscription to continue getting the benefits that come with an active subscription. Let’s look at the steps you need to take to renew your Microsoft Office.

  1. Choose Your Subscription

    How to Renew Microsoft Office

    Go to and head to the ‘Renew’ page. Next, you need to choose your subscription. The options are to renew and pay once-off for the following year. The second option is to renew and pay a monthly fee for the next year.

  2. Checkout Your Order

    How to Renew Microsoft Office

    Review and double-check your order, and once you are sure that everything is correct, you can proceed to checkout. Once you choose to proceed to checkout, you will be asked to sign in with your Microsoft Account.

  3. Renew Your Order

    How to Renew Microsoft Office

    On the final page, check all of your details, including the payment details. If you need to change your payment details, click on the ‘Change’ button to make amendments. If everything is correct, you can proceed by clicking on ‘Renew Subscription.’

  4. Manage Subscription

    How to Renew Microsoft Office

    Once you’ve renewed your subscription, the payment will be processed, and your account will be extended for the period chosen. Your account will be set up for recurring billing by default. If you do not wish for your account to automatically renew (and the payment to be taken), you can turn off recurring billing from the ‘Manage Subscription’ screen.

Renew Your Microsoft Office to Continue Working Undisturbed

By renewing your Microsoft Office subscription, you ensure that you have the latest version of Office, along with support and many other valuable features, without interruption.

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